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Registration process

The efficiency of your registration path is fundamental to the success of your contributory space.

This step may seem obvious, but we have found that some of our most important partners have broken, misunderstood or poorly performing registration pages (bounce rate up to 80% on the registration path!).

Problems encountered

1) Redirection to a registration page with a different graphic representation than the previous one: This change poses a problem from the point of view of the "feeling of security" that the user might be looking for. Indeed, since registration is an important point of friction between the user and the brand, redirecting the user at this crucial stage to a page with a different graphic presentation risks giving him the impression that his data is not perfectly secure;

It would be preferable for the entire registration process to take place within a synthetic pop-up window, such as the one that currently displays the "register" button. In this way, the user remains focused on the purpose of the process, without being disturbed by a change in presentation.

2) The heaviness of the page itself (page with scroll) and the number of fields required for registration. An example of an inefficient registration: request for First Name + Email + Password with instructions + Acceptance of the GTC + Proposal to receive commercial offers + Proposal to subscribe to the newsletter + Header menu + Footer menu.

Only the email is necessary for the proper functioning of the space.

You can ask for other information but the shorter the better.

Examples to follow

We provide you with a ready-made registration, which you can activate from the configuration by choosing Social.

Logora registration

It facilitates registration by offering social options (Facebook, Google).

Whatever the user chooses, we get their first name, last name and email.

Logora sign up

The registration appears as a pop-up, non-scrollable and gathering all the necessary information in a few lines.

If you use SSO registration, we recommend that your registration page is as light as possible, like this one:

Capital registration

Continuous optimization

Analyse your journey using the tools at your disposal (Hotjar, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager) to evaluate the performance of each field and optimise your conversion.

We are at your disposal to help you with this.