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Invitations and role management


You can invite the members of your team to create an account on your administration space.

To do so, you need to click on "Team" at the top right of the screen.

Find profile

By clicking on "Invite a new members", you can send an invitation to members of your choice, assigning them a specific role.

Click invitation

Invite teammates


When you add a new email address, press "enter" to validate its entry before the invitation is finally sent.


Three roles are available on the Logora administration space.

They are more or less permissive, here are their details from the most important role to the most restricted role.


Allows the member to control everything: moderation, manage debates, access the space's configurations and send other invitations.


His/her main role is to create debates. They also have access to the arguments and can moderate if they wish.


Can only do moderation, often a role dedicated to the Logora teams or to your service providers in charge of moderation.