Wordpress installation

Before you start#

  • Register your site on Logora by signing up: Register
  • Get your shortname available on your administration space in the following tab: Configuration > General.
  • Authorize the domains on which you want to install Logora. To do this, go to your administration space in the following tab: Configuration > General > Security > Authorized domains. For example, if the code is inserted on the page at the URL https://example.com/article/example-article, add the domain https://example.com (warning: do not put a slash at the end). Example: http://localhost:3000 , http://sous-domaine.exemple.com. Important: adding domains on the administration space works like adding a tag, do not forget to press "enter" when inserting your URLs.


  • Logora is available on the Wordpress catalog (https://wordpress.org/plugins/logora/). On your Wordpress interface, download the plugin via Plugins by searching "Logora". Activate the plugin after downloading it.
  • Add your application name and your secret key in the Logora settings tab.


  • Access your debate space on the path /debate-space.
  • The debate synthesis is available via the shortcode [logora-synthese]. Insert this shortcode into your article template so that it is present on all pages.