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Number of theses

Why two theses?

You frequently ask us if it is possible to propose more than two theses to the debate.

We tried this format in the Logora prologue. Finding more than two theses poses several major problems:

1) The design in computer format is a single column, close to a stack of comments.

It is impossible to put more than two sides in clear perspective without stacking comments into a column.

2) The multiplication of theses makes the debate unreadable

For example, a 'It's more complicated' thesis is interesting. But everyone wants to rise above the fray by choosing this thesis. Result: 80% of the debaters carry the "It's more complicated" thesis, making the debate unreadable and denigrating the question posed by the editor.

3) The difficulty of reading alters the quality of the exchange

The multiplication of theses and the less clear positioning of the debaters create a cacophony unfavourable to a quality exchange. When two theses: "Yes" and "No" are defended, if a debater decides to read a message from the "No" camp, he or she already knows the debater's position and is therefore already listening.

Finally, contributing requires a significant effort from the user.

Most users, when they participate, defend strong ideas and values that can be summarised in two main theses.


Every month we call 50 active debaters, we have never noticed a request for more theses. The main focus is on the readability of the debate and the quality of the contributions put forward.