Mail management

Sending emails for your account#


We send a weekly newsletter on your behalf to all the registered debaters on your debate space.

It offers the ten most popular debates of the week to your registered debaters.

We also send an email to a debater when someone responds directly to them on a debate.

Finally, we send an email to a debater when someone adds an argument to a debate they are following.

A maximum of one email per day is sent to users.


Only the newsletter, the direct response to an argument and the addition of an argument to a debate being followed are subject to mailings.

All other actions (receiving a vote, being followed by someone...) are subject to notifications on your debate space, on-site.


If you are using Google Analytics, you can track the results of your email campaigns using utm media tags.

On average, these emails have an open rate of 26.2% and a click rate of 6.3%.

Here are the parameters added for each of the mails:

**Results of "newsletter" mails

utm_source=logora, utm_medium=email, utm_campaign=trending_debates_weekly

**Results of "reply to an argument" mails

utm_source=logora, utm_medium=email, utm_campaign=argument_reply

**Results of the "debate followed" mails

utm_source=logora, utm_medium=email, utm_campaign=debate_follow

III. consent management#

Debaters can unsubscribe from emails received from their debater profile or directly from the email received.

We indicate to send the email on your behalf at the bottom of the email, positioning Logora as a data processor within the legal framework in force.


Preview of a mail*.

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Answer to an argument

Answer Mail

Weekly newsletter

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