Choose the moderation mode that suits you from the administration space: Configuration > Moderation.

Configuration de la modération

Type of moderation#

Before publication of the content : contributions will go through moderation before their publication (moderation a priori)
After publication of the content: contributions will be published and then go through moderation (moderation a posteriori)

Moderation method#

Manual: you manage the moderation via the administration area
Intelligent: Logora takes care of moderation. Logora's moderation algorithms have already processed more than 100,000 contributions, with a detection rate of 97% of hateful messages. When a contribution is not certified as 100% compliant by our tools, our moderation team takes over to check the content.

Third party: Logora integrates with external moderation services:

  • Netino
  • Bodyguard

If you wish to use one of these two integrations or another one not listed here, contact our team via