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You can choose your moderation system from the administration area Configuration > Moderation.

Moderation setup

Type of moderation

Before publication of content - recommended: contributions will go through moderation before publication (a priori moderation)

After publication of content: contributions will be published and then go through moderation (moderation a posteriori)

Responsible for moderation

Manual: you manage the moderation yourself.

Smart (Logora) - recommended: the Logora team takes care of the moderation. We have built a moderation algorithm by tagging over 45,000 contributions that automatically accepts arguments that are considered readable, well-written and non-hateful. When the algorithm is not sure of the quality of the argument (unknown source, new turns of phrase, new concepts), the argument is sent to a member of our team for manual moderation. This concerns 15 to 20% of the arguments. We perform moderation every 24 hours on weekdays. Pending posts are seen as published by their authors to make their experience more fluid. All of our moderators are native speakers and have a university degree. We have processed over two million arguments for all of our partners with a 100% success rate of detecting hateful, unreadable and illegal messages.

External: we outsource moderation to your external moderation services (Netino, Bodyguard, or others). If your moderation provider is not listed in the administration area, send us an email at, we will connect to them as soon as possible. Third party: Logora integrates with external moderation services: