Insert Ads

The pages of the Logora plugin are provided in white label and hosted on your site.

Logora allows the insertion of advertising spaces on the debate space, via your advertising agency.

If you have chosen the revenue-sharing model, you are asked to fill all the advertising spaces proposed by Logora.

Integration with your advertising agency#

Logora is compatible with Google Adsense and Google Ad Manager. If you use another advertising network, contact us ( so that we can carry out the integration.

To insert the ads in the available spaces, you just have to create blocks with the formats defined below and to send us their identifiers (ID of the container, slot ID for GTM).

Advertising dimensions#

On the synthesis#

  • Block between the survey and the contributions highlighted at the foot of the article on mobile: (300 * 250)

On the Debate Space#

  • Fixed sidebar on tablet and desktop format: (300 250 or 300 600)
  • Banner under the Debate Space navigation bar on tablet and desktop format: (970 90 or 728 90 or 1000 * 90)
  • Top banner at the beginning of the argument list on mobile: (300 * 250)
  • Down pad every third argument on mobile: (300 * 250)