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Comments module

We have developed a comment module to complement your contributor space, which can be activated easily and includes all our services such as moderation management.

How it works

If there are no discussion or consultation questions related to the article, a call to action to the comments is displayed on the article.

The call to action offers the reader to comment. If they click on one of the calls to action, they are redirected to the contributory space where they can comment but also discover the richness of the other modules.

Here is a video presenting the visual rendering for the reader as of April 2023:

If a debate or consultation question is linked to the article after the fact, it replaces the comment space.

In this case, access to the comments is no longer available from the article page. The comments still exist for those who have participated, they can find them from their profile and continue to contribute.

Activate the comments module

You can activate a comment area on your contributor area from your administration area Setup > Modules.

Activate comments

By default, this will activate a simple banner with a call to action "Want to comment on this article? Comment".

To generate more interaction, you can choose to present the top three comments in addition to the call to action. This option is best used if you have the possibility to give more space to comments.

Enabling comments

Relevance, moderation, SSO...

Relevance and moderation algorithms work like on the discussion board (see FAQ article Content Quality). We handle the moderation as for the rest of your space.

Users log in via your existing SSO for the contributor area, no additional development is required.

Also, users earn points when they post comments, just like arguments on a debate.

They can also retrieve their comments from their profile, showing all their contributory activity.