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Appearance and theme

Logora can be customized to fit your visual identity from the administration space via the "Configuration" tab. You can perform the tests you want so that it matches your graphic charter. You can go back to the default configuration if needed.

1. Customize colors, fonts, box visuals, URLs and texts

Colors, fonts, box visuals and URLs of your space are customizable from the "Configuration" tab > "Customization". Texts are editable from the "Configuration" tab > "Texts".

a) Colors: thesis, call to action and labels

All colors are available. You can edit the colors of the thesis (for/against/neutral), call to action (main color) and text and border of the labels (categorizing debates).

b) Fonts: type, size and thickness

A dozen fonts are available, if your is missing, you can add it by clicking on "Create". If the font you create is already loaded in your page, it will be retrieved for the contributive space.

The size of the title font, the default font and the smaller texts (explanations) are also editable.

The thickness of the texts is also modifiable.

c) Box visuals: borders, shadows and radiuses

You can modify the entire visual of the boxes by modifying the appearance of the borders, the shadows of these borders as well as their radius (more or less round).

d) Texts: change the wording

Most of the texts of the debate space ("Follow the debate", "All debates" etc) are editable from the "Texts" tab. If one of the texts you want to modify is missing, please let us know so that we can add it to your space. You can for example modify all the texts proposed at the level of the synthesis, that is to say within the article footer block.

2. Customize other elements of the debate space

If you have additional customization elements that you would like to see appear (specific icons, evolution of the gamification system or other), please send us your ideas. We will look at them in detail. Ideally, you send us mock-ups of what you expect.