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Visuals of the footer

Depending on the modules you activate and your specific needs, the code placed on the article can be displayed in different ways.

Note that the display occurs at the point where you insert the code.

Most of our partners display the contributor space at the end of the article, but others display it in the middle of the article (mainly before the last paragraph) because of constraints linked to their advertising contracts.

I. Debate question

Automatic insertion on the article :

The debate question, called "summary" is displayed where the code is inserted on your article page (heart of the article, footer, or elsewhere).

1) The recommended debate question block (best engagement rate) is displayed as here:

2) If you have size constraints, we propose a more discreet call to action (lower engagement rate) like here:

Outside article insertion :

If the code is not automatically inserted on your article page, or if you wish to insert a debate outside of an article, our iframe code allows you to insert the recommended debate question block as here:

This iframe code is available in your administration area once the debate is created.

Also the "homepage" module displays the debate question you wish to pin as here

II. Comments

A comment module, complementary to the existing contributory space, allows you to activate comments when an article is not concerned by a debate.

The module displays the best comments and allows you to bridge to the debate space as here:

III. Summary

All the links are available here: