Protection of personal data#

I. Summary of this document#

Logora processes data to make it richer for you.

The data in your discussion space belongs to you.

Example: Peter adds an argument, Logora adds an argument to his profile and returns his data to you.


Logora acts as a data processor on your behalf. We make a copy of the debater's first name, last name and email to display on the debate space and notify users by email of the latest debates trending on your space.

You can get your data back automatically by calling our API. To do so, contact us ( You can also retrieve them manually from your administration space. They are retrieved in CSV format.

II. Description of the processing subject to subcontracting#

The processor is authorised to process on behalf of the data controller the personal data necessary to enable Internet users with an account to give an opinion and answer questions in the form of a debate and to comment on their answers.

The nature of the operations carried out on the data is :#

The receipt and use of data to create the data subject's profile via deduplication of the account in the subcontractor's system;

The use of the data to allow Internet users to give their opinion;

The storage of data to keep track of the progress of Internet users;

Destruction of data.

The purposes of the processing are :#

1) The taking into account of participation in a debate;

2) Taking into account the submission of comments and contributions;

3) Management of the debate area;

4) Moderation a priori;

5) Sending email notifications;

6) Suggesting debates by Internet users;

7) Suggesting a debate to a user related to his activity.

8) Improvement of the services via a test with users accepting to evaluate the tool;

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